1. Metal molecular activation technology
Its principle is to increase the electron flow per second of conductor, thus improving dynamic range and reducing background noise.
2. Features
- Ampere rating is printed on the copper cap
- Two available common fuses, including T(slow-blow) fuses and F(fast-blow) fuses, as showed on the packing box
- The direction of the fuse is indicated with an arrow on the quartz tube

3. Installation methods of fuses
*British plug
The fuse is directly installed in the power plug, which is visible by opening the cover with a screwdriver.
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*Locking type fuse holder
The fuse holder is usually installed at the back of equipment, and the fuse can be taken out by turning the fuse cover.
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*IEC power fuse holder
The composite power fuse holder which is combined with the power mother seat. You will find them if you open the fuse drawer with a slot type screwdriver.
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*Equipment circuit board
The fuse is installed on the circuit board, open the cover of the equipment, then gently remove the fuse with a tool.
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TO ensure the equipment's integrity and your safety, please turn off the power of equipment before changing the fuse.